Paroles V.G.I. de Julie Ruin

Julie Ruin
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  • Artiste: Julie Ruin21737
  • Chanson: V.G.I.
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Textes et Paroles de V.G.I.

i'm not a genius, i'm more like a genie
granting girls wishes from my stonecold bikini yeah
sewing up ideas like delicious kisses
i'll play with your mind but i won't do your dishes boy
say it again

chorus: v.g.i. (my philosophy)
v.g.i. (is i'm a masterpiece)
v.g.i. (i wear a scrunchie)
v.g.i. (i'll say it again)

i say, i say, an intellectual genie
i'm making bullshit disappear like i'm hou-fuckin-dini
turntables around with my smile bright and gleaming
you think ya take your order boy
you must be fucking dreaming


cuz i'm extra special and i'm burning bright
i'm a ufo blazing through your starry night
you try to shoot me down girl cuz
you just don't understand
that a woman like me can't be bound to one plan


i don't wanna say i want to,
and i don't wanna say i don't
sometimes the secret is
sometimes the secret is yes
yes yes yes

v.g.i. (i'm a philosopher)
v.g.i. (and i'm a masterpiece)
v.g.i. (i wear a scrunchie)
v.g.i. (i'll say it again)

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