Paroles Fuck More de Junkie XL

Junkie XL
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  • Chanson: Fuck More
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Textes et Paroles de Fuck More

A cloudy vision,
Absence of granduer,
I don't care what is wrong or right,
The earth is bleeding,
in secreting madness,
Petrified, gone dry inside,
The wheels keep turning,
And the clock is pounding,
And there's only more and more,
that I want

And through the things,
you can still feel the sounding,
of the maze, of the place,
where things still matter


Rock more,
Roll more,
Fuck more,
Pac-Man is loving it

Rock more,
Roll more,
Fuck more,
Pac-man is loving it

Cause too much till you leave,
I'll get down on my knees



I lost the feeling,
a sense of numbness,
and it's spinning,
like you're top out of sight
Climb out the window,
what the hell do you know?
You don't even seem to put up a fight

Created by me, for me
It's a place called reality
Broken mirrors,
and broken promises made easily

But I just want you to


Consumen till you bleed
I'll get down on my knees


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