Paroles Another Day de Just Jinger

Just Jinger
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  • Artiste: Just Jinger21785
  • Chanson: Another Day
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Textes et Paroles de Another Day

Sun arising,
son arising,
sent to be strong
- wait a while, won't be long.
Your zest said in the clouds,
the rising star will conquer all.
Mother of pearl is it time?
please wave?
Signify our being and let us feel within,
Fathers' examples,
shown we can't deny
but just refuse it.

Was it on the cards,
was it our families' say?
How weak can we go,
was it our Judgement Day?
Broken windows,
shattered memories,
internal life lift me from my knees.
Shadows, shadows, please send me company.
It's quiet and I'll follow suit.

Was it on the cards,
was it our families' say?
How weak can we go,
was it our Judgement Day?
Leave the good alone,
their sacred hearts, their lives, their dreams.
Is it moral kindness or is it life's severe extremes?
Milk is waiting segregating our souls,
Things happen,
well, could our time ever turn our lives sent
backwards it's a crying shame.

Just another day

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