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Justin Townes Earle
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  • Chanson: Who Am I To Say
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Textes et Paroles de Who Am I To Say

Well now who am I to say?
If all I know is what I heard
With the things some people say
You can never be to sure
But who cares where you find comfort
I'm no one to deny
Anybody what they need to take them through a night

Because who am I to say
What you should do behind close doors

Well now who am I to say?
I've been trouble almost all my life
I took pleasure in such things most wouldn't entertain not at the darkest of times
So you take your pills and poison
Drink yourself to death
Give yourself away until you ain't got nothing left
Because who am I to say that there's anything wrong with that

Yeah but why do you call at such hours every time
Saying I don't need no money, I've just been thinking of you tonight
Oh, but who am I to say?
Maybe you had good intentions at heart
Maybe you took truer aim and it was me who missed my mark
But for every word of anger, left unexplained, for every time that I turned you away
Who am I to say that it wasn't for the better, girl?

Who am I to say?

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