Paroles Introverted de Kilgore

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  • Artiste: Kilgore22212
  • Chanson: Introverted
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Textes et Paroles de Introverted

The air outside
Burns my eyes
If I could put them out
I would fly away from here
â€~Cause I don't need to see this world
I can feel its weight just crushing me
Don't need my ears â€~cause all I hear is constant moans
Strip me of my senses, introverted, I am finally home
Now that I'm blind, spend my time
Peeling back my skin to find out
There's nothing there
Supposed afterlife is bliss
â€~Cause living here in this is
like drinking lukewarm piss
I need someone that I can't feel
To rescue me
Just strip me of my senses,
Introverted, I am finally free
I can't help you,
This weight is just crushing me
I can't touch you, and I would love to,
But I'm flying from here strong and free
We can never be what we want to be
â€~Til we all can shed our skin
And maybe we will rise up to see
The light inside us all

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