Paroles Check Yourself de KJ-52

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  • Artiste: KJ-5213544
  • Chanson: Check Yourself
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Textes et Paroles de Check Yourself

Oh no you didn't oh yes I did
Uncle KJ gotta talk to yall kids
Listen up quick cause the way some yall live
Must have lost ya mind and just flipped ya lid
Now ladies I know what he be telling you
I know cause back in the day I used to do it too
Talking about aww girl you know I love you
And if you love me too let me sleep with you ooh
He's a fool, a lying scheming dude
I'm a tell ya straight girl now cut him loose
Why? Ain't no guy that cute
If he won't respect for you and won't wait for you
See you need a real man that loves God too
And will take a stand even if it's hard to
And I know that you now it's worth it for you
Check the program this is what I'm telling you that

Ooohh yall better check yo self
Nah, yall need to check yo self
Uh uh ya better check yo self
No yall better just respect yo self

Where my fellas at, where my fellas at?
Now some of yall need to check where ya head is at
I know in the locker room what they be telling cats
Don't buy into that now when they selling that
Virgin ain't a dirty word don't be ashamed of that
See in reality people be respecting that
Stand up for yourself tell em just chill with that
And even if they diss turn around and just bless em back
Let em talk smack and leave it at that
Cause everybody ain't doin' it now just learn the facts
Don't never let somebody ever hold ya back
Nobody except God should ever tell ya how to act
It's odd saying that cause peeps won't tell ya that
But it's the truth and I'll never back down from that
So if ya can handle that and like the sound of that
Then people holla back on the track if ya down with that


Ladies and gentlemen ya need to stop playing
Stop running around always missionary dating
You think that the one you're loving you gonna be saving
But end up with problems from the choice that ya making
Now some yall girls yall need to start caring
And think twice about all these clothes that ya wearing
I know it might be nice to have all the guys staring
But take advice respect yourself as a woman
We all want love and we all want attention
But that ain't the way to get it you understand what I'm saying?
With the baby gap outfit on that ya wearing
Sneaking out the house trying to hide from ya parents
See God said save yourself for ya marriage
And it was for a reason don't misunderstand it
Sex is a beautiful gift don't mishandle it
Ya better just check yourself and don't damage it

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