Paroles Scream de KJ-52

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  • Artiste: KJ-5213544
  • Chanson: Scream
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Textes et Paroles de Scream

How was my day, how way my day
Well you never ever asked me now how was my day
But anyway guess what I got an A
But ya never know that cause words we don't say
I put on my headphones and just drift away
It's the only way I know just for me to escape
I clench my teeth and hold in my hate
Hold in my rage and I hold in my pain
And hold in all the things that I just want to say
It seems like every single days just the same
And it seems like my life it's never gonna change
All I want to do is just break free of the chains now

I want to scream, I want to shout
I just want to run, I want to break out, I want to break out

How was my day, how was my day
You never ask me now how was my day
But anyway today I ran away
I'm out the back window just crying all the way
All I ever wanted was for you to just say
That you was proud of me and I would've been ok
But I'm running stumbling now just in the rain and
I'm crumbling fumbling now beneath the pain and
When all of a sudden now I just became
Consumed in my shame consumed in my brain
Consumed by the very things that I can't change
And all I want to do is break free of these chains


How was my day, how was my day
Well to be honest last night was kind of strange
See I woke up today not feeling the same way
And it's really not something that I can just explain
Last night it was the first time I prayed
The first time I ever called on Christ's name
And the first time in my life that I feel I'm changed
You might not understand that but anyway
I just wanted to say that I think I'll be ok
It won't matter if you never ask me about my day
See I accept what I can't change and go on my way
I see that I finally broke free of these chains

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