Paroles Will You Go Out With Me? de KJ-52

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  • Artiste: KJ-5213544
  • Chanson: Will You Go Out With Me?
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Textes et Paroles de Will You Go Out With Me?

Now every day I see you, first period room 202
And I think your just so cool, pink shoes and your little hairdo
Do you see what I go through do you know that I like you
Guess what I'm gonna do, today I'm gonna ask you

Will you go out with me? Check yes or no
Will you go out with me? It's all I got to know

Well it's the end of class, my heart is beating fast
Took what I wrote upon the note then I just fold it in half
Then I just quickly passed it to you in the back
Crossed my fingers, held my breath
And this is what I had to ask


Lord, I'll just make a promise, if she'll just check yes
I'll never ever ever ever ever cheat again on my math test
And just in case Lord, in case she checks no
Don't let her think it was me God
Let her think it was that dude in the next row


Hey girl I think your really neat, yeah
Hey girl I think your kind of sweet, yeah
Hey girl one thing before I go, yeah
Will you go out with me check yes or no, yeah?

Hey guy I think your really cool, yeah
Hey guy I think your kind of cute, yeah
Before I go I think your kind of fresh, yeah
Just to let you know I checked yes, yeah

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