Paroles A Wilderness de Laura Nyro

Laura Nyro
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  • Artiste: Laura Nyro25219
  • Chanson: A Wilderness
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Textes et Paroles de A Wilderness

Cinnamon hills
sweet child
and waves of whisper blue
earth calls out to you
everyday in everyway

Mama's puttin' on some warpaint
for a little bit of combat
you ask the reason
You gotta fight for your freedom
sometimes everyday
in everyway

Many people pass by
caught up in roles and rules
many rivers run free
I don't wanna crush
the wilderness in you, child
or the wildness in me
but how do we keep them both alive?
Somehow they must survive
somehow they must survive
though there's so much fire
for so little time

We go together
through the changing seasons
hearts of fire
well, you know the world needs it
every day
in every way
little darlin'

Touch the earth, child
heaven and earth child

ahm ahm ahm

Is that a monster?

Yep-no, a crocodile
ee's eatin' the bed

he's eating the bed?

yep, ee's eatin' the bed
see 'im?


ahm ahm ahm
I'm ona eat your-
all bed, all up
I'm one eat his-a
bed all up
I'm ona eat mommy
and bed all up!
ahm ahm ahm

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