Paroles Brighter Than Time de Longwave

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  • Artiste: Longwave25879
  • Chanson: Brighter Than Time
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Textes et Paroles de Brighter Than Time

Maybe the time is mine for the taking
It comes like a dream
When your spirit is aching
I saw it before
But for only a second
It's brighter than time
a shining direction
It's just a name
nowhere to go
and you oughta you oughta you oughta know
you oughta you oughta you oughta know

I can't feel a thing crippled and broken
Body is bruised
My mouth is choking
I could burn this city down
to watch all the red light
Exploding in you
A flame that is so bright
It's still the same
What's there to show
Well you oughta you oughta you oughta know
you oughta you oughta you oughta know

You can't be confused
Because you always knew
A bitter escape is only what you make it
Very complicated
Don't you know I've made it too
Well we'll see it all
At the end of the century
When I know the score
I remember who sent me
I won't be afraid
It can't be much worse there
Under the sigh
A breath of fresh air
The red of a flame
Perfection that glows
Well you oughta you oughta you oughta know
you oughta you oughta you oughta know

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