Paroles I Never Dreamed de Lynyrd Skynyrd

Lynyrd Skynyrd
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  • Artiste: Lynyrd Skynyrd4106
  • Chanson: I Never Dreamed
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Textes et Paroles de I Never Dreamed

My daddy told me always be strong son
Don't you ever cry
You find the pretty girls and then you love them
Then you say goodbye
I never dreamed that you would leave me
But now you're gone
I never dreamed that I would miss you
Woman won't you come back home
I never dreamed that you could hurt me
And leave me blue
I've had a thousand, maybe more
But never one like you
I never dreamed I could feel so empty
But now I'm down
I never dreamed that I would beg you
Woman I need you now
It seems to me I took your love for granted
It feels to me that this time I was wrong, so wrong
Oh Lord now I feel so lonely
I say woman won't you come back home
I tried to do what my daddy taught me
But I think he knew
Someday that I would find one woman like you
I never dreamed that it could feel so good, Lord
That two could be one
I never knew about sweet love
So woman won't you come back home
Oh baby won't you come back home

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