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Lynyrd Skynyrd
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  • Chanson: It's A Killer
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Textes et Paroles de It's A Killer

(G. Rossington, J.& D. Van Zant, E. King)

There's a rumour goin' 'round on the backside of town
Jake is out to get some revenge
Has fire in his eyes since his brother died
Shot down by a so-called friend

For a fifty dollar gram is what the neighbors say
Drugs had control of his life
Caught up on crack you're tryin' to think back
The devil had him hooked you could see it in his eyes
It's a killer

There's a cold house at the corner of the street
The kids come and go there at night
Jerry drove up in front of the house
Somebody pulled out a knife
Jerry freaked out and went for his gun
Shot him right between the eyes
All he ever wanted was a twenty dollar high
But now he's locked up for the rest of his life

It's a killer there's no way out baby once your in
It's a killer steal from your family
Then you'll turn on your friends
It's a killer It can happen to you

So don't you never, never give in
It's a killer

The neighborhood I used to call home
These days it's lookin' like a war zone
Unemployment on the rise but the black market thrives
Money just keeps changin' hands
The laws are gettin' tough sometimes it's not enough
To satisfy supply and demand

Trouble breaks out there's fightin' in the streets
Bullets flyin' all around
An innocent child caught in the line of fire
All because there weren't enough drugs to go around

(repeat chorus)

(repeat chorus)

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