Paroles Our Time Won't Live That Long de Madrugada

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  • Artiste: Madrugada26401
  • Chanson: Our Time Won't Live That Long
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Textes et Paroles de Our Time Won't Live That Long

Our Time Won't Live Long

Don't know when they put me in the ground
I don't know about me left alone
All that matters that I follow you
On my way to the unknown bound.

It's cold baby but I'm not afraid
I feel lost, my life swept away
I feel worried but I promise you
It's so tender that you're in the life
Only time that you walked away
It wasnt' me and I'm always here and I gonna stay
Loving you can not be bad
My blood is boiling and you make me mad
I was crying but it was very 'lone
You let you loving coming/calming down
And I thought just it was another gone
Couldn'be right what I found.

A mountain top is the need of time
And I'm man so let's make this night
All my own everything is wrong,
Holding on now, holding on...
You just have to call it out
You know your love will tell your love is gone
And you know that ain't, that it's that strong.
All the times that you let me down,
You just won't let me in
All the times when it all went bad
I don't wanna fight with you
But you know what I'll do
I will never ever let you go
I will stay with you till' I die.

My blood runs cold, I don't wanna know
I'm gonna cry all night long,
I wear my heart until my heart is torn,
Then I'll make up, make up my mind
When all is gonna just stop below
Where we go where we just gotta blow
Everything that we've got in here
I wanna see you walking down the stairs

'Cause I need you and you know you need me
It's all that love that you let down on me
Hold me tight and I'll love you right
I love you, I fear, baby, baby mine,
Honey our time won't live that long (2x)
You know our time won't live that long (2x).

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