Paroles Lost You In The Canyon de Marc Cohn

Marc Cohn
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  • Artiste: Marc Cohn11543
  • Chanson: Lost You In The Canyon
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Textes et Paroles de Lost You In The Canyon

Got your call from California
But I could hardly hear your voice
Through the hissing of the highway
And all that other noise
You said I might lose you in the canyon
Then you went riding up the coast
Now all these things we leave unspoken
Seem to haunt me like a ghost

I lost you in the canyon
Guess you tried to let me know
Lost you in the canyon
A long, long time ago
Lost you in the canyon
Brother you fade out slow

There were times I thought I knew you
Before these changes came to pass
But you don't think about it do you?
From up there in your house of glass
The Earth is shifting underneath you
The land is sliding all around
Do you ever stop to wonder
About that paradise you've found?


I hear you moving through the mountains
Through the fires and the floods
But I can't fix this bad connection
In the wires or the blood


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