Paroles When I Come Home de Marina V

Marina V
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  • Chanson: When I Come Home
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Textes et Paroles de When I Come Home

My heart is beating fast
I'm going home today
I sit and watch the clock
Waiting for my plane
But why I'm scared to leave
Is not a fear of flight
Seems like a life-long dream
Since we said goodbye, oh

Will I know it's you
Or will I pass you by
Will I know the truth
When I see your eyes
Will I be alone
When I come home

So has it been too long
Will you want me back
Or did the parted sea
Drown what we once had
I'm like a falling leaf
To new, familiar sites
I'm reaching for my tree
But drifting out of sight, oh

When I come home
Will you still be there?

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