Paroles All In Good Time de Martina Sorbara

Martina Sorbara
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  • Artiste: Martina Sorbara26795
  • Chanson: All In Good Time
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Textes et Paroles de All In Good Time

just a few more days till spring
and i'm crossing my fingers
oh let this snow melt into rain
this city is deserted
as if everybody heard it
this town doesn't want us round today
and i got that feeling my life is caving in

i can't help but feel that way so
don't even tell me that all in good time
oh i'll be just fine

i'd feel so much better if you'd loosen my tether
as i'm tossed about your cold white heart
i'd get on the freeway
won't stop driving till next tuesday
put a thousand miles between us and more
i know that's not possible
all the streets here run in circles
i wouldn't even make it out of the car

so don't even tell me that all in good time
oh i'll be just fine
don't even try and ease my mind
and no, don't waste my time

if i do get through this
i promise you this:
next time around i'll get it right
i'll walk through the ghost town
in nothing but my night gown
and you can blow with all your might
and i'll face you smiling
whether dying or surviving
but for now i just gotta make it through tonight

so don't even tell me that all in good time
oh i'll be just fine
and don't you try and ease my mind
and oh don't waste my time
don't even tell me that i'll be just fine
cos i'm not that fine
don't even ask me to try and be kind
cos it's personal this time

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