Paroles Eggs Over Easy de Martina Sorbara

Martina Sorbara
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  • Artiste: Martina Sorbara26795
  • Chanson: Eggs Over Easy
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Textes et Paroles de Eggs Over Easy

In uncharted door wells
Necks wrap around necks
Blood vessels burst to make a necklace
I'm pushed into darkness
By a relentless pelvis
Oh how makeshift, how reckless

It's like eggs over easy
Bottomless coffee
Oh won't you force feed me
Something so greasy
Give me that counterfeit affection
Your on sale, bargain bin love

If I close one eye
Look up at the sky
The moon the size the colour of a shiny new dime
With no depth perception
It's tough to imagine
This mistake I want to make just one more time

It's like eggs over easy
Bottomless coffee
Oh won't you force feed me something sleazy
Give me your counterfeit affection
You're on sale, Bargain-bin love

And we roll in doors
Like we've just been washed ashore
And my smudged grin gives us away
And the smoke is congregating between floor and ceiling
We've got so much to do so little to say

I need another drink
A screw driver I think
So I ooze over to the counter
I look the man in the eye
And on an in-drawn sigh
I place my order

I say give me your eggs over easy
Bottomless coffee
Oh won't you force feed me something so sleazy
Give me your counterfeit affection
You're on sale bargain bin love

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