Paroles I Can't Be Counted On de Meat Puppets

Meat Puppets
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  • Artiste: Meat Puppets27070
  • Chanson: I Can't Be Counted On
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Textes et Paroles de I Can't Be Counted On

Give me lots of money
A house upon a hill
Send me pretty women
Or threaten me and still
I can't be counted on

I'll come up to your house
And attempt to fix your sink
Do a mediocre job
As I'm leaving you will think
I can't be couted on

If you're needing something
You know that I'll be gone
I will not answer when you call
If you're waiting for me
Then you'll be waiting long
I can't be counted on at all

My eye is on the pork
The pork is in the pan
If something needs a'doing
Well you know I'm not your man
I can't be counted on

If you're counting on me
You know I'll let you down
You can't be counting on me
Cause you know I'm just a clown
I can't be counted on

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