Paroles Sucking Your Blood de Mercyful Fate

Mercyful Fate
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  • Artiste: Mercyful Fate5402
  • Chanson: Sucking Your Blood
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Textes et Paroles de Sucking Your Blood


I can see it in your mystery eyes
I can feel it on your breath tonight
The yearning for time, the yearning for eternal life

Oh...oh...oh...sucking your blood, oh...oh...oh...

Let me look you deep in the eyes
Let me look...into your mind
Let me take you to a room full of life
Let me, let me, let me suck your wine

Oh...oh...oh...sucking your blood
Oh...oh...oh...sucking you, sucking your

A chandelier is our source of light
I'm breathing in the golden air tonight right. It's your innocent skin I like

Oh...oh...oh...sucking your blood, oh...oh...oh...

Your neck is so delicately white, inviting my mouth for the bite
My teeth...your vein, like wine from a chalice I drink

Oh...oh...oh...sucking your blood
Oh...oh...oh...I'm sucking you, sucking you

[solo: Shermann]

Your warm juices colour my throat
What unheavenly joy, turning yours into mine

Me...part of you, oh you are the wine
Sucking your blood before the night is torn
How could this ever, ever be a sin

If you would pull the stake from my heart
If you would let me draw another card
Maybe the Morning Star will blind your eyes
Maybe the Morning Star will bless another night

[solo: Shermann-Wead]

Maybe the Morning Star will blind your eyes
Maybe the Morning Star will bless another night
Me...part of you, oh you are the wine

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