Paroles A Faulty Foundation de Midtown

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  • Artiste: Midtown11660
  • Chanson: A Faulty Foundation
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Textes et Paroles de A Faulty Foundation

this plan is only surface
and i do not deserve this.
i'm wondering if i'll withstand
to stand alone and stand to scream to the world:
i'm through and now i've come to mend
these wounds that were gored by you through all of them

it's too sad that i've got to mediate these faulty sides of you
and i'm wondering whatever did i do
the only reason that i still remain to you
is i go on repeating the excuse

this plan is only surface
maybe i'm lost in purpose
i've stood alone too many days
and i'm waiting for my day to say to the world
come through with all those promise plans
those year are lost and you've forgotten them

it's too sad [repeat]

what if this had not happened?
what if she hadn't gone?
what if this had not happened?
she never would have gone

well i wonder if the same
things could be any other way
still i don't deserve this
i've stood alone too long to say

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