Paroles Hard Luck Stories de Milow

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  • Artiste: Milow27514
  • Chanson: Hard Luck Stories
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Textes et Paroles de Hard Luck Stories

(Milow & Nona Mez)

Pick me up, eight o'clock
i'll meet you on the sidewalk
or honk twice, keep it running
i promise not to take long

just my springsteen records
and the favorite things
my blue jean jacket
and the clothes i'm in
and one million good reasons
to hit the car ceiling

don't stop, go deep
we can sleep when we get there
we'll take turns at the wheel
just go, take us anywhere

i took my good-luck nickel
and a pair of shades
i want to trade this winter
for the sunny days
or whatever the season
i'm gonna breathe in

hey man are we there yet?

ain't it funny how the rain
keeps running down the windshield
i'm still holding my doorkeys
i should throw them in the backseat

among the hard luck stories
and the long lost dreams
the six-pack wrappers
and the bad ideas
or whatever is keeping
me from sleeping

i let a good girl go
with a bad excuse
the radio's playing
that rich kid's blues

and i don't know
what the song is about
i take real deep hits
just to shut them out

and there's a great big hole
whre my dream once fit
give me three, four minutes
and i'm over it

whatever they're singing
whatever that girl said
whatever i was thinking

hey man, are we there yet?

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