Paroles Do You Remember de Mr. Sancho

Mr. Sancho
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  • Chanson: Do You Remember
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Textes et Paroles de Do You Remember

[Chorus 2x: Mr. Sancho]
Do you remember (member)
When we used to be down (be down)
Together as one for some fun
Then I'm down, then I'm out

[Verse 1]
Come on baby let me see you lick the tip
Gotta be a little wet before I'm in the clit
I got your top down baby, squeeze them tits
Cause I want a little bounce when you wiggle it
Shake it baby cause I wanna kick it and I made it
Where your honey bunny be, he won't hate it
He'll just wanna play with it
Blow you out like a candle stick
Cause that's how it is in this biz
Fulfillin' women's fantasy's and movin' to another trick
I know how it is in this biz
And ridin' with no jimmy 'cause I'm cautious of another kid
Easily she's movin' south, easily she pulls it out
Easily she opens her mouth, I gladly let it all out

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 2]
How many licks does it take till you get to the cream
of you dreams? Do you know what I mean?
In between the sheets producin' all this heat
Making you for weak, going at it for a week
You scream, so you thought, sittin' in the dark
We about to embark, but don't love me from my heart
is small, don't abuse it or you lose it
Don't get to attached and don't get shot like you did
Only suffer, make your life tougher
And you'll regret hookin' up with this thugsta
Think of me when you take your back seat
X is the best in the west girl you gotta confess
Yes, I relive all my stress
Comin' back for more, put your heart to the test
Nevertheless you gotta address mami your blessed
And you know I really love it when I bust into your chest, yes

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 3]
Many gorgeous ladies on these Diego streets
Hey pretty Mexi come an kiss me, come an roll mami
Cause I'm a soldier see come and bone mami
Roll up and blow some tree's, that's all it's gonna be
Don't get mad homey, cause your hyna looking at me
Chose me over you and it's plain to see
You better stop asking question's cause I'm not here to threatin'
Your relationship cause I'm teaching a lesson
Sometimes I don't know what to do when your not by my side
Sometimes I don't know what to do when I can't see your face on my mind
But I do know what to do when I need some bump and grind
Gotta take a trip to your house when your honey's out
So that I can hit and split, put it in you and out

[Chorus 2x]

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