Paroles Make A Buck de Mud

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  • Artiste: Mud28181
  • Chanson: Make A Buck
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Textes et Paroles de Make A Buck

I play the wheels every day and night.
I'm getting closer now the feelings right.
Lady Luck and I are on the ball.
The way we pitch we ain't nobody's fool.

Make a buck and use it,
'Cos on the next play you could lose it.
That winning streak is just one deal away
Make a buck and lose it tonight.

One more throw and then I'll see this time
I've been here three days I won a dime.
I've spent every cent that I took off my man
Better make it quick or blow this master plan.




It's in my hands, we're cleaning out this place.
Just watch this joker turn into an ace.
See the banker man, his pot of gold.
Show my cards and now he's growing old.


Make a buck and lose it

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