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My Glorious
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  • Chanson: Leave Me Alone
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Textes et Paroles de Leave Me Alone

I have asked forgiveness for the evil I have done
And it seems when you're forgiven it makes all the hurt undone
I broke this world to pieces or didn't help it heal
It might be what I want but it sure ain't what I feel

I've offered my compassion for as far as I can bare
You start to leave it somewhere then you'll leave it everywhere
I hate this world for dying for begging me to love
Having a dead heart is heard enough

Oh leave me alone
Oh leave me alone

I am sick of being the sickness even sicker of being the cure
And if I could make it go away I would I swear I would
So let me live in peace of war or indifferent bliss
I took a shot at saving life but it turned out a miss

Oh leave me alone
Oh leave me alone

I care for life and my heart aches
My left hand gives and my right hand takes
My heart says yes my actions no
My conscience dies and my passion goes

Oh leave me alone
Oh leave me alone

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