Paroles Hellcommander de Nattefrost

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  • Artiste: Nattefrost26614
  • Chanson: Hellcommander
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Textes et Paroles de Hellcommander

[Music and Lyrics: Nattefrost (2004)]

(Cold dreams of death, old dreams of evil)
On dark, dim, december night
As heavy have snow comes down...
(and) they are all buried so (very) deep -
Deep underneath this frozen ground...

Not a sigh, not one sound to hear
Tons of corpses are decomposing near
(all) women and children live in constant fear!
They will ALL be slaughtered in a moment here!!
In this heathen burial ground

Heretic, whores, and sinners
And all the servants of hell
Let the satanic torment begin...

Grim, Satanic, Knife, Cuts, Flesh!!
Blood, Night, Death, RITUAL!!
Grim, Satanic, Knife, Cuts, FLESH!!
(Lust... Night!!!)

The black totalitarian triumph
(and) cold winds can't stop him now
He rides of the winds of hellish chaos!!!
Born of fire from Satans flame

(And) so on this warrior went
Killing with a godless intent
All the demons lived within - him!
All hail the the Hellcommander of sin

[Nattefrost: Vox, Guitars, Bass and Noise]
[Joe Ronny Moe: Drums and Sodomy]

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