Paroles Terrorist de Nattefrost

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  • Artiste: Nattefrost26614
  • Chanson: Terrorist
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Textes et Paroles de Terrorist

[Music and Lyrics: Nattefrost (Winter 2002)]

Anti-christian terrorist
Grim slaughterer of life
Let's massacre the Christians
And worship global death!!!

-Terrorist, satanist, terrorist, satanist

The black satanic hellcommand
The Architects of death
Suicide of sacrifice
They (all) fulfilled their oath of hell

You sow the seeds of (pure) hatred
And position the words from all Gods (TO DEATH!!!!!!!!)

-Terrorist, satanist, terrorist, satanist

The glorification of evil
You're stigmatized by Hell
A purgatorial blessing
Let's slay and slay again!!!

[Nattefrost: Vox, Lead Guitars, Terror amd Hellnoise]
[Aggressor: Drums]
[Vrangsinn: Backing Vox and Lead Guitars]
[Takken: Backing Vox]

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