Paroles Warning Of Danger de Omen

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  • Artiste: Omen7187
  • Chanson: Warning Of Danger
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Textes et Paroles de Warning Of Danger

Now command ye
Stand up tall
Through the veil
You shall fall

Above the world in the dark of night
Another secret brought to light
Power gained and power lost
Man will win at any cost

Warning of Danger
We're ready for a fight
Watch for the stranger
A shadow in the night
Clip their wings and watch them fall
Know one ever heeds yours call

Through the veil, the final birth
Tribal warriors stalk the earth


Children suffer for the right
To wear the golden crown so bright
Power gained and power lost
Man will win at any cost

You're taken souls piece by piece
Now on your knees you beg release
Shake the earth without a tear
All are running lost with fear


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