Paroles From Within de Persephone

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  • Artiste: Persephone30456
  • Chanson: From Within
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Textes et Paroles de From Within

I see my world collapse
While my truths collide
Confusion won my inspiration
My times alone I won`t forget
Yet fear of loss makes me regret
My soul, it lays broken
But I just can`t pretend
It won`t show on the surface
Sure you`ll understand

My true inspiration
And realisation
Your contamination
My incarnation
Can`t hide the lie
And those tears I cry
I yearned for truth

Losing my faith only took me a second
Finding my illusions, impenetrable
Presume I`d seduce you
With my loneliness
My soul, it lays broken
But I just can`t pretend
It won`t show on the surface
Sure you`ll understand

‾All my impressions that I faced and the answers I sought
The illusions that I chased and the pain it caused
Slumbered by violet skies and the bloodred seas
Through unreal forests and abandoned outlands
Regardless of what I learned, despite of what I feel
None of it all solves my loss.”

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