Paroles My Sweetest Pain de Persephone

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  • Artiste: Persephone30456
  • Chanson: My Sweetest Pain
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Textes et Paroles de My Sweetest Pain

Is this how true love should end?
Broken hearts won`t mend
Two hearts, which beated as one
Tell me, what have I done

Am I to blame?
Eternal grief will remain

Another scar across my heart
Which reminds me of your name
And whispers softly
‾You are my sweetest painâ€oe

I won`t regret one second with you
No doubt, my feelings were true
All games are played, no sense to stay
I run away, for redemption I pray

I see your face and hear your voice
It`s in my head, my only choice
Stars from above, guide my way
No time to rest, nor time to stay

Who`s to blame?
Trees are whispering your name

Another scar across my heart
Which reminds me of your name
And whispers softly
‾You are my sweetest painâ€oe

One single touch, the smell of your hair
One kiss, only memories there
My sheltered treasure they are
My only pleasure, like a single star

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