Paroles No Title As Of Yet de Peter Mulvey

Peter Mulvey
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  • Chanson: No Title As Of Yet
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Textes et Paroles de No Title As Of Yet

Well I promised I'd speed the journey home
But I saw the magic tonight
So I stopped my speck of a car
Midst the mountains and the silence and the starlight

I've been so long silent so when I spoke I would know it was truth
Now I fashion this rose that grows in the fertile soil of the heart of my youth
And I bring it to you
Bring it to you
You will sleep curled in my breast

In my pocket I carry the notion
We spend our waking hours together
And dreams count for the rest

In me a river of doubt
I know because this sliver of doubt
But if this is a lie than the truth is not worth living or singing about
And I just saw a shooting star and I know what I want
Now I will be headed on

But I do not come home empty handed
For I bring you my love this song
And I sing it to you,
Sing it to you
Then we will go on our way

In your pocket you carry devotion
Dreams are forgiving, life is for living
Tomorrow and today.

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