Paroles V.d.u Head de Peter & The Test Tube Babies

Peter & The Test Tube Babies
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  • Chanson: V.d.u Head
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Textes et Paroles de V.d.u Head

Had too much acid took too many "E's", just can't remember 1980's.

V.D.U. head.

Sit in the corner stare at the sky, no-one can see him with his hood pulled up tight.
There's a drum machine ticking in his head, he can't turn it off until he's dead.
Pretty little patterns move around his jeans, James Brown's howling in his dreams.

Well he fell in love with his V.D.U., his girl has left his cat has too.
He sits at home with his V.D.U., his face is green he don't wear shoes

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