Paroles Be Gone de Pharaoh

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  • Artiste: Pharaoh35775
  • Chanson: Be Gone
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Textes et Paroles de Be Gone

I remember a time when I climbed every day
But those years disappeared and the light went away
Still we crawled through it all and saw skeletons pray
But the ghosts hovered close and rattled these carbon cages

Here I lay me down
Silence, lift this crown of sorrow now

In my heart I did know I must go to be free
And I've found that it's now that my exist shall be
Gone with the sun, everyone fades in echoes of time
And the silence of my life a chapter in all white pages

Here I lay me down
Silence, lift this crown of sorrow now

I'll go on being gone and missing these dark new ages

Here I leave alone
Silence, take these bones of burden home
Here I say goodbye
Darkness, take these eyes of sadness high

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