Paroles Happy Valentineis Day de Psyopus

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  • Artiste: Psyopus31283
  • Chanson: Happy Valentineis Day
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Textes et Paroles de Happy Valentineis Day

Lost inside the mocking walls
of this fucking joke
between your heedless ears

I could try to talk for sake of
meaningless time
spent walking into
stubborn walls

I swear sometimes you don't even
understand fucking English

Homesick, my words explore
from left to right searching for
Reason's impossible entrance

You've got more issues than a
year's subscription to
Straight Jacket Hourly

Every time I hear you nagging to no end
I want to shoot myself
for even knowing you

Like some bipolar Valentine
Huffing love potion and turpentine
Your eyes twitch and say
"Please be mine"

Happy Valentine's Day
You sick and twisted bitch
Happy Valentine's Day
To my ex, the alien

Repulsed and drained
from this wreckage

Save our ship?

There's no compromise
that sweetens dear shit

You can't save this fucking ship!

And if the sun could shine through
And if the light revealed true
Your words would gouge my eyes

Every time I realize
your nagging to no end
I'd really like
to fucking strangle you silent

Your secrets rape the sun

I can't fucking tell you
how many times I have sat,
elbows and knees,
head to palms
and lost my fucking mind
trying to figure out
what the fuck is wrong with you
and despite every sincere attempt
to make sense of this
I can only find myself writing you off
as a hopeless fucking lunatic

You're a fucking lunatic!

Lost inside the mocking walls
of this fucking joke
Between your helpless ears

I with open eyes
Don't sympathize
The shape of you
We're fucking through
You fucking whack
To which you lack
A fucking clue
That you hate you!!

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