Paroles Bad Dream de Pure Prairie League

Pure Prairie League
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  • Artiste: Pure Prairie League10366
  • Chanson: Bad Dream
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Textes et Paroles de Bad Dream


I'm standin' in the middle of a bad dream
Lord, I don't know just what to do
My mind is achin' and my heart it is broken
All at the thought of losin' you

We lived a daydream for so long a time
... now you're gone without a word
How could I know what was inside your mind
Such feelin's often go unheard

So ya took a stand found another man left me here in misery
To face the lonely nights without knowin' why
I'm drownin' inside all in my bad


I must wander back to other times
It's gone I've nothin' else to say
I'm gonna leave all those bad dreams behind
I'll find another hideaway

I'll go back to the land live a master plan or I might do just what I please
No more cryin' eyes no more alibis
To mess all of my bad


I'm standin' in the middle of a bad dream
I'm standin' in the middle of a bad dream
I'm standin' in the middle of a bad dream
I'm standin' in the middle of a bad dream

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