Paroles Boulder Skies de Pure Prairie League

Pure Prairie League
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  • Artiste: Pure Prairie League10366
  • Chanson: Boulder Skies
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Textes et Paroles de Boulder Skies

Sew your skirt lace out of time
While I write the words to rhyme
Just what I am thinkin'... just what I should say
If I have to go I'd rather stay

Colorado canyon girl could set me free
Brown eyes in the mornin' lookin' back at me
And just for that one moment... you're all that I see
Searchin' for some other place to be

More than anyone can try I hope you'll see that I belong
Standin' right before your eyes
If you can take the time to find where I went wrong
Then I think you just might realize

So sew your skirt lace and I'll go home
But not quite where I started from
And take it so you'll feel it... and take it so you'll know
Take one long last look before I go

More than anyone can try I hope you'll see that I belong
Standin' right before your eyes
And when you've had the time to see it's been too long
Then I'll come on back to Boulder Skies

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