Paroles Star Crossed de River City High

River City High
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  • Chanson: Star Crossed
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Textes et Paroles de Star Crossed

There's a hurricane in my cup.
Just like the one in my chest.
Promised it wouldn't turn out like this.
I used to look up when i made a wish.
Promised that i wouldn't promise again.

I don't care what they say.
Cause most of all they're right. I don't care.
You're halfway between everything I want, and everything i need.

Today I lost faith in your star struck eyes.
A shooting star in someone else's sky.
For better or worse I thought we could try.
But now I lost faith in our star crossed lives.


You could fight back.
We could take back everything we said.
If I hold out without doubt there'd be one more star struck night.
Fight back, take back.
Hold out, without doubt.
I'd fight back, I'd take back for one more star struck night with you


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