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  • Chanson: Just Another High
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Textes et Paroles de Just Another High

Maybe your heart is aching
I wouldn't know, now would I'
Maybe your spirit's breaking up
I shouldn't care, now should I'
Maybe you're thinking of me
Well I don't know, now do I'
If you only knew how I feel
Wish I could die, now don't I'
I'm just another crazy guy
Playing at love was another high
Just another high
Couldn't believe in my eyes
You drifted into my life
But marriages made in heaven
Can they survive in this life'
Surely it came as no surprise
Love was too hot to handle
Well I really blew my cool and you
You just blew out the candle
Didn't you just try just another high'
Didn't you sign as you waved goodbye'
Just another high
I'm just another crazy guy
Playing at love was another high
Such a crazy high
Lately it seems so empty here
But I suppose I'm alright
Maybe tomorrow's not so clear
Still I remember that night
Singing to you like this is
My only way to reach you
Though I'm too proud to say it
Oh how I long too see you
Shattered by dreams, by your goodbye
As shattered my goodbye, as filled the sky
Desolate am I
Just another crazy guy
Playing at love was another high
Such a crazy high
Maybe I should start anew
And maybe I should find someone who
Will maybe love me like I love you
Maybe I'm too stuck on you
Maybe I got stuck on you

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