Paroles A Human Certainty de Saccharine Trust

Saccharine Trust
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  • Chanson: A Human Certainty
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Textes et Paroles de A Human Certainty

don't come in here
you'll see something ugly
it's not the kind of thing
you'd expect from a body
don't come in here
don't see me this way
with my knees on rice
and a prayer for the prey

my face is heavy
my mind is clenched
my eyes are disgusted
my hands are hot
my walls are green
my walls are red
I only cry wolf
when all my sheep are dead

don't come in here
I beg of you
yes there's love in my heart
but no hatred in my thoughts

don't believe in me
or anything that speaks
for you won't be deceived
by a human certainty

my face is heavy
my mind is clenched
my eyes are disgusted
my hands are hot
my floors are green
my floors are red
I only cry wolf
when all my sheep are dead

last night I had a dream about you
and in my dream you were only asleep
I sat in a chair and watched you
as you laid there so beautifully
the still of the night made me lonely

I wanted to touch you I wanted to feel you
I wanted things to be just like they used to be
except I'd keep all my promises
then I felt so ashamed

I was so ashamed
until I realized we're all guilty of that dream
and forever I wish you
a beautiful sleep

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