Paroles God Bless The Whores de Sarcofago

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  • Artiste: Sarcofago7297
  • Chanson: God Bless The Whores
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Textes et Paroles de God Bless The Whores

Different reasons, same perversions,
but all with the same fire
burning between their legs.

God bless the whores by all their cares
God bless the whores by the nights of sodomy.

A compulsion to endless nights of pleasure,
they are armed with lashes, chains and tiger panties.
Their voluptious instinct cannot be stoped,
their hot machines are always wet and clean.

Do you remember that sweet little Julie,
five yars had past, she is the new queen of the night.
Her fame crossed through frontiers of thousand countries,
she and her disciples began a kingdom of sodomy.

Hail to the whores!
Hal! Hail! Hail! Hail!

A compulsion to endless nights of pleasures,
they are armed with lashes, chains and tiger panties.
Voluptious instinct cannot be stopped,
their hot machines are always wetand clean,
awaiting for new balls to start beat and crush.

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