Paroles A Day Away de Seventh Wonder

Seventh Wonder
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  • Chanson: A Day Away
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Textes et Paroles de A Day Away

Great fun!
Climb up way higher than the sun!
The ripe ones so far out but
If you fall... I will call you a looser
On drop of blood brother
I'll mix with yours!

Poor child! Clean yourself
Hurry off to your room, now go
The wrong I've done
I guess I'll never know!

A day away from the playground
Far from every dream
This ain't the life of a hero...
Wrong or right, in the air tonight
Come daylight!

We'll sneak out...
Careful don't wake my mother up
I'll be back before daybreak cause
"Desperate times
call for desperate measures!"
Exicing adventures now lies ahead

Let's go! Inside I hear the warnings
Please don't let me down
It's so dangerous on the darker side of town

So stay away from the playground
Far from broken dreams
Behind the blinds in that window
I am right! Now turn off the light and
Sleep! Goodnight!

I've been dreaming forever and ever
Take may hand let's go another...
Place where we can loose ourselves in games
And we don't have to be...

One day away from the playground
Far from every dream
This ain't the life of a hero
Wrong or right, in the air tonight
Come daylight!

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