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Seventh Wonder
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Textes et Paroles de The Seventh Wonder

[Part I: Awakening]

[The Herald:]
Open your eyes now
Don't be afraid
You are the child of dreams
The chosen one

I've been sent here to tell You
Of the prophecies from long ago
You will have to make a choice
Before it's too late

You must reach for the power within You
You must look deep in in your soul for the truth

No! You mustn't be deceived by deceivers
No! The wonder child must choose on his own

[The Prophecy:]
Spawned from the ages
To redeem our guilt
The greatest of wonders
The seventh is built

[Part II: Understanding The Legacy]


[Part III: Wavering]

The Child:
Sinners and saints of all the world
Corrupt my mind with lies
How can someone like me
Decide with whom to ride

[Part IV: Temptation]


[Part V: Wisdom Of Ages]

[The Prophecy:]
Don't let the tempters tip the scale
We are aware of the struggle within

[The Herald:]
No! You mustn't be deceived by deceivers
No! The wonder child must choose on his own

[Part VI: Revelation ‒ The Choosing]


[Part VII: Rejoicing (Justice Prevails)]

[The Child:]
Yes! I feel the fire within, the power within me
Yes! The light of love will lead the way for me

[The Rejoicing World:]
The struggle within him is over now
Yeah! The seventh wonder is whole

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