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  • Artiste: Sgr33709
  • Chanson: Some Things Never Change
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Textes et Paroles de Some Things Never Change

This girl, she asked me on a date
And I didn't know just what I should say.
She caught me staring her down
But I couldn't help but looking away

Well I always played it safe but I never ever got the girl
What the hell you gonna do if you never take a chance in this world
Through the years it seemed like so many tears
Just to let another fade away
And I could let you go by, never knowing why, things should be this way
Some things never change

It's funny how things used to be when someone wasn't always around
You see, it ain't so easy being down and out, livin' in such a god damn town

And I tried so hard with nothing to show for what felt like hell
And you were right there with me and we were looking for something else
All this time in the world did you think that anything could ever last
You try to hold on to anything, You can still, it's only up to chance
Some things never change

Suddenly things just can't compete with the way that she makes you feel
And you can't help feeling like a fool when you're just trying to be real

Life couldn't give a damn about your wants all your sadness or your pain
You take your best shot and you pray that fate is gonna meet you half of the way
Through the years I will remember the tears but the good times will never fade away
I'll always be around, I'll never let you down, like I know that it should stay
We might be far apart, I might not be around but that's life, it's okay.
I don't know how thing'll turn out but some things should never change.

Some Things Never Change

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