Paroles Me Julie de Shaggy

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  • Artiste: Shaggy2959
  • Chanson: Me Julie
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Textes et Paroles de Me Julie

(feat. Ali G)

* A to the L to the I to the G-sy
J to the U to the L I easy
S to the H A double-G-sy Y
Oh, boys getting busy

[Repeat *]

Ragamuffin to your love and affection
Mr Lover will be your protection
Sticking to you for your contention
Anything for my Julie, ay

We got some, mmm, make a connection
She and me
We be bangin' to a Shaggy selection
One time for my Julie, ay

** Julie
You know me love-a you truly
From my head down to my goolies
You turn me on with your big babylons
Me Julie
You got some sweet damn coolies
When me touch it with my goolies
You turn me on with your big babylons

I need a cure for this thing I'm feelin'
Shaggy need some sexual healing
I wanna reach and touch the ceilin'
When I'm lovin' my Julie, ay

Me I've been kickin' at my late night dealin'
Words at the piece I'm stealin'
I see your sex and Mr Lover believin'
When I'm lovin' my Julie

[Repeat **]

(Hey, Shaggy, I can rap too)

You is better than J-Lo, next to you she is just a minger
Better than Destiny's Child, well, apart from the lead singer
You is fitter than the Spice Girls including the Ging'er
Give it a shave, 'cos me wanna be in yer

They always claimed that our love was wrong, uh
The people just stared and said it was too long, but
It ain't crap to have a 12-inch
Dong, d-dong, dong, dong

[Repeat **]

[Repeat * , * , **]

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