Paroles Walking In My Shoes de Shaggy

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  • Artiste: Shaggy2959
  • Chanson: Walking In My Shoes
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Textes et Paroles de Walking In My Shoes

Verse 1
Wait a minute let me set the record straight
You need to listed for a moment or two
Hear the accent don't get it twisted
My Momma didn't raise no fool
Know you think that you got me figured out friend
When you really haven't got a clue
So take a listen from this 'Island' boy
This coconut maybe smarter than you
So I say

Chorus - SHAGGY sings along

Don't judge me you don't know me
Don't think I am some small town phony
Got nothing upon me
You ain't walking in my shoes
I'm just one out of many
Hailin' from a third world country
Got nothing upon me
You ain't walking in my shoes

Verse 2

Learnt my lessons form my humble beginnings
And I wouldn't have it no other way
Became a man onna streets of Kingston where
Was the art of the day (??)
I choose the best my main competition
And I'm always on top of my game
So don't be blinded by my race or my gender
Cause we really all one in the same


Verse 3

No I won't stop gotta make it to the top
Hell no I won't stop
Aiming for the sweet spot
Powers to the bald heads and the dreadlocks
Let me make it clear no we won't flop
Got a plan got to make it anyway I can
Putting in the work with my own two hands
Better chek it respek it
I'm a man I'm a West Indian
Chorus x 2

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

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