Paroles Salvation In Flame / Confutatis de Sigh

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  • Artiste: Sigh7646
  • Chanson: Salvation In Flame / Confutatis
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Textes et Paroles de Salvation In Flame / Confutatis

Mercy for a loser, I beg you please
Nothing will be left when the furious fire in gone
Hear me whine and then see me weep!
All my sorrow it will swallow,
The curse on those who are afraid of the curse
Death to those who are afraid of death
I sense the nightfall covers my fear
I sense my twilight is drawing so near
Die all the believers die
Die all the deceivers die
Die, an eternal death
Your blood is boiling
Your flesh in burning
To be freezing are you yearning?
Die as a sinner or die as a saint!
Either way you'll never be free again
When you finally see the fire,
All the gates are already closed
No way you escape the fire
That's what you get for your desire
Dieas a sinner
Die! Or will you die as a saint?
Did you think you would die upon the cross?
Live for lies!
Fight for lies!
Die for lies!
Die! I watch them burn,
All the things I got,
I will let them go,
To be lost for eternity
I'm waiting for the very end
Standing still, with no will
Fear the curse, then curse the fear
Before all my hope in the dark disappears
Visions I saw only in my dream,
Now spread before my very eyes
Die as a sinner, or die as a saint?
Died you think that you were playing your own game?
I'll just watch them burn for all the treasures I did yearn

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