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Skare Tactic
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  • Artiste: Skare Tactic30633
  • Chanson: This World
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Textes et Paroles de This World

This world has taken me to a place of
anger and hate
I know I can't give in my life lies with in
its fate
The slaughter of lies inhumane
Only to destroy
And cause this pain
Death corporation mass murder to
Society is fucked
Its time to wake up
Million-dollar lottery a child in
A funeral for the rich could save a
dying population
They want you to think that they care
They will let you burn and die, life
costs too much to spare
Fuck you and your government!
Fuck politics we don"t need your shit
Don"t tell me everything is ok
Im not insane your lies are to blame
Natural resource turned to toxic waste
Nuclear bombs to make us feel so
We dont need your chemical
Look what you have done a
government of destruction
It has made its self so crystal clear
Its not about us its you we need to fear

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