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Soft Charisma
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  • Chanson: Make It
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Textes et Paroles de Make It

You can make it what you make it
If you've got the choice

You can choose it
If you choose it
Make it make it

Break into a brand new crew
If you had the chance

You can tell them
If you tell them
Make it make it

Take it to the big big blue
If you want to dance

You can dance it
If you dance it
Make it make it

When you want to party hard
If you want to crash

You can drink it
If you drink it
Make it make it

Make it make it
What you want
But never let me down

Break it break it
How you want
But never make me frown

Take it take it
When you go
But turn off all the lights

Fake it fake it
Where you want
But you never realized

If you make it
You can make it
Make it make it

You can make it
How you make it
Make it make it

You can make it
You can break it
You can take it
You can fake it

But if you break it
You can't take it

If you fake it
You can't make it

But if you make it
How you make it
Make it make it

You will never
Need to fake it
Make it make it

You can do it
Go right through it
Make it make it

If you do it
I can do it
Make it make it

If you bake it
Can I taste it
Make it make it

If I taste it
You can taste it
Make it make it

If you end it
I will end it
Make it make it end

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