Paroles Without You de Soft Charisma

Soft Charisma
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  • Artiste: Soft Charisma39981
  • Chanson: Without You
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Textes et Paroles de Without You

Time is getting rough
Like a rusting watch
See me powder up
I'm looking away from you

I feel I will die
Sooner than I will fly
Notice how I am tied
And this tree won't let me go

I can feel the wakeup calling
In the sky
Sailing down

But if there is no innocence
It makes no sense
I protest it loud

Dishes, laundry,
Money, time, honey,
Running, hungry, thirsting life

Dripping, sipping,
Ripping, pouring, how boring,
I adore you, but you don't whisper back

I fufill my appetite
But I'm still biting through
I must be missing you

I seem to be familiarizing
Myself in a world
Without you

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