Paroles Submarine de Something For Kate

Something For Kate
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  • Chanson: Submarine
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Textes et Paroles de Submarine

I listen to you breathe,

Quiet winds that send you on your way

Away to a dream

Another time, a nothing time, another day

I wish I could see

The oceans that your eyes will never know

I wish I could be, somewhere in the undertow

And you, in your sleep

diving down to follow me,

And you, in a dream

You talk in your sleep

Quiet words that spin around my head

So let me be, fading down the waking worlds

And there, you know where I'll be

You know where I'll be

And you, in your sleep

diving down to follow me

And you, in a dream

And you, in your sleep

Diving down to follow me

And you, in a dream, ohh

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