Paroles Papa (correct version) de Span

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  • Artiste: Span35192
  • Chanson: Papa (correct version)
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Textes et Paroles de Papa (correct version)

You think you�'ve become such a man
But you don�'t impress me
You tell me stories from the can
But you can�t arrest me
You thought that I would be your fan
But you�'re just like the rest and
I'�m all you hoped to be and way, way more!

So you'�re the man in here?
You say you�'re the man in here?
You don�'t look like a man to me
And here�'s some paternal advice for free, punk!

Don'�t try to dictate what I�'m to do
Don�'t even think about it
Those who tried and survived are few
might think about it
I ain�'t got time for barbie dolls like you
just think about it
You are just a poser in some fancy clothes

So you�'re the man in here?
You say you'�re the man in here?
You don'�t look like a man to me
You in need of money, you run to daddy!

And I am the papa
I�'m the father of you all
And I am the papa
I�'m the father of you all

This is my place this is my home
I put my mark on it
So don'�t try to teach me my own song
Cause I'�m the best at it
I�'ve been running things for way too long
I was made for it
You push me round you go down, I�'ll put the weight of a planet on your shoulders

You�'re not a man to me
You�'ll never be a man to me
I know you wanna be
But you�'ll go from wannabe to has-been

And I am the papa
I�'m the father of you all
And I am the papa
Don'�t fire me up cause you don�t know what you�'re starting

And I am the papa
I�'m the father of you all
And I am the papa
I�'m your great great grand-mother-fucker

Oooh, I am the papa, oooh
Oooo, I am the papa!!

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